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Shot Peening

Virtual Scientific Industries is the first company fully dedicated to exclusively offer complete Shot Peening services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GCC. Shot Peening is a cold working process that imparts compressive stresses and relieves Residual tensile stresses to improve the fatigue life of metallic components, imparts anti-galling properties, creates a specific surface profile and improves resistance to stress corrosion cracking.

Shot Peening is the cold working process accomplished by pelting the surface of metal part with the spherical media, thrown relatively at high velocity. This imparts the compressive residual stresses and relives the tensile residual stresses to improve fatigue life of the component.

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    Benefits of Shot Peening

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    Beneficial Compressive Residual Layer

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    Propeller Blades

    Component: Aircraft propeller blade on Face and Camber

    Advantages: Stress corrosion resistance, resistance to fatigue failure.

    Crank shafts

    Component: Compressor crank Shaft radii

    Advantages: Induce compressive stress to improve fatigue failure.


    Component: Crankshaft gear, Pinions

    Advantage: Resistance to fatigue failure, stress corrosion resistance, lubrication

    Internal Shot peening

    Components: PE granules transportation pipes

    Advantages: Increase in flow rate, prevention of Angel hair formation, prevention of classifier choking,


    Components: Collars

    Advantages: Anti galling, stress corrosion resistance, resistance to fatigue failure.

    On site

    Component: Centre shaft of Roll assy (5mtrs long)

    Advantages: Resistance to fatigue failure