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Concrete Repair

Virtual Scientific Industries Inc. (VSI) is always concerns with quality solutions, we understand the nuances of intercoat adhesion. We’re also sensitive to the urgency of minimizing construction downtime. That’s why we provide the security and convenience of single source supply when it comes to concrete repair.

Diverse Chemical-Resistant Systems: Based on the environmental considerations of your project, VSI offers a wide variety of protective options. If corrosion is an issue, consider how our silicate, epoxy, vinylester or urethane linings might extend the life of your assets. Our materials for substrate repair are regularly combined with protective coatings in the Wastewater, Power, Chemical Processing, Food & Beverage, Steel, and Pulp & Paper industries.

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    Fast curing and compatibility:

    Our substrate repair materials and underlayments enable concrete repair to proceed rapidly. Our products are formulated to exhibit rapid strength development, a fast cure, and compatibility with other protective topcoats.

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    How our products can add value to your system?

    VSI believes in customer’s satisfaction and mutual growth, our concrete repair products exhibits numerous characteristics:

    • Fast curing
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Can bear thermal and chemical shocks with proficiency
    • Compatible with existing structure
    • Last longer
    • Provides monolithic structure after repair
    • Decreases construction downtime
    • Economical

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