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Shot Peening Machines

Virtual Scientific Industries Inc. is a leading Manufacturer of Shot Peening Machines, to deal with metal surface treatment.

Customized High Quality, Easy & safe operation. VSI provides Wide Range of Industrial Shot peening Equipment. Custom Solutions for Various Industries. Ideal to Effectively Clean, Strengthen and increase the service life of the Metal components. VSI is the only Certified Shot peening company in KSA and Bahrain serving our valued customers for over a decade in the region.

Auto Shot Peening Machine SPM-7

MANUFACTURED BY VIRTUAL SCIENTIFIC INDUSTRIES USA Virtual Scientific Industries SPM-7 is an automatic self- contained Shot Peening Machine designed to successfully impart measured impact energy to prolong the life of A.P.I. threads according to AMS 2431 or MIL-13165. Programmable SPM-7 operates with a single touch of the button with regulated Air Pressure, Precise Media Flow, specially designed rotating nozzles covering entire thread 270° to 270°.

SPM-7 comes with both automatic and manual programmable features with easy to replace nozzle for either Pin or Box Peening. No need to move heavy drill collars or rotates them at high speed to create unsafe conditions. Simply insert the Pin or Box, align the drill tool with nozzle, turn on power and air, and with a single touch peen the threads of your Drill Collars, Drill Pipes, Stabilizers, Drill Stems, Stubs and Kelly’s.