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Sauereisen High Temperature Membrane No. 89 is a single-component, asphaltic mastic recommended as an impervious membrane under corrosionresistant monolithic linings or acid-resistant brick masonry for the protection of metal or concrete substrates. Spray application with airless equipment results in a flexible coating resistant to acids, alkalies and salts associated with flue gas environments and substrate movement from temperature changes or other causes.

The product is not recommended for use in oil, grease and solvent environments. No. 89 is not generally recommended for continuous liquid immersion. No. 89 maintains excellent elasticity and adhesion to concrete or steel substrates over a temperature range of -60oF to 300oF.

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    • Outstanding chemical resistance to acids and alkalies.
    • Recommended for use from-40ºF to +400ºF.
    • Easy to apply. Can be topcoated within 24 hours.
    • Suitable for application as a membrane on steel or concrete substrates.
    • Excellent elasticity.
    • Very low permeability.
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    • Flash point, T.O.C., minimum 100oF (38oC)
    • Maximum service temperature 300oF (148.88oC)
    • Moisture vapor permeability, perm. inch 0.003
    • Resistance to abrasion by sandblast Excellent
    • Weight solids 69%
    • Weight (approximate) 9 lbs./gal.
    • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) 388.2 g/L