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ChemLINE® 784 ES (Elevated Service) delivers significantly improved product performance and anticorrosion resistance. ChemLINE® 784 ES is formulated with unique polymer technology, designed and engineered with 28 functional groups per molecule. This translates in up to 784 cross links versus four (4) for high temperature epoxies.

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    ChemLINE® 784 ES’s Higher Cross Link Density Means:

    Higher chemical resistance

    Higher temperature resistance

    Higher resistance to absorption

    More Chemical Resistance Than

    Stainless steel

    Phenol epoxies



    ChemLINE® 784 ES Provides Superior Resistance To

    • Acids, alkalies and solvents
    • Thermal cycling -40°F to 400°F (-40°C to +204°C)
    • Wear and abrasion resistant
    • Minimal product absorption
    • Impact resistant
    • Resists under-creep corrosion
    • Dry heat resistance to 400°F (204°C)

    Product Highlights:

    • Superior bond strength and adhesion
    • Maximum product flexibility, product cycling
    • Field repairable
    • Low VOC – 143 grams/L (1.19 lbs. per gallon)
    • Can be applied to pitted and/or corroded steel
    • Steam cleanable
    • Non-permeable for product purity

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    Industry Applications:

    • Chemical Processing: Tanks, flare tanks, reactor vessels, hazardous waste hauling, etc.
    • Paper & Pulp: Digesters, black liquor tanks, bleaching, etc
    • Steel: – Pickling tanks, acid storage, acid waste, neutralization, etc.
    • Mining: Acid tanks, scrubbers, etc.