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Sauereisen Acidproof Concrete No. 54 Gunite with almost a half century of successful applications and varied service – is the original acid-resistant material for gunite construction. For those applications that require a lower K factor, light weight materials, or higher temperature resistance, No. 54 LW is available.

No. 54 Gunite is a potassium silicate, acid-resistant refractories for use as monolithic linings in chimneys, stacks, ducts, breechings, scrubbers, precipitators,sulfur pits, tanks, process vessels, floors and sumps. This two-component materials consist of Powder and Liquid which are mixed together on the job.

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    Dual Lining System

    • The combination of an Organic membrane and Inorganic acid-resistant monolithic potassium silicate refractory installed with minimal control/expansion joints that will resist the acid and temperature of this very harsh physical environment.
    • High Temperature Organic Membrane offers not only a corrosion barrier for concrete to penetrating sulfuric acid; but, also serves as a bond breaker between the refractory component overlay & concrete substrate.
    • Potassium Silicate Acidproof Concrete serves as the primary protection against the molten sulfur and related thermal & acid service condition. The refractory also provides a thermal barrier for the membrane component.

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    • Potassium silicate-bonded.
    • Resists most solvents, oil, acids and acid salts (except hydrofluoric) over a pH range of 0.0 to 7.0.
    • Withstands water and vapor without special treatment.
    • Applied by guniting.
    • Fast chemical set – less construction delay.
    • Safe to use – nonflammable; will not support combustion.
    • Specially recommended for all concentrations of sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric, and phosphoric acids.
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